Friday, December 14, 2007

We went on an icefields helicopter tour. It was so cool!! The top picture is the view below my feet!!

Sweet boy! He fell asleep on top of all of his toys!!
The crew at our church halloween party...
Jessie joined the Hoops basketball team at Red Deer College. She has a pretty wicked jump shot
Jake was full of the dickens at Kristen's skating lessons and climbed endlessly up and down the bleachers...
Kristen started skating lessons and loved it, she's getting really good at gliding!!

Princess PayPay came to visit...Kristen loves her baby cousin Paytn!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

CHAIN, CHAIN, CHAIN!! Jake was so excited to ride the train at Stanley Park, the girls had a hoot as well!

We took the kids to Stanley Park and went to the petting zoo. Jake took one look at the big "tracker" and was done with the animals, all he wanted to do was drive!
Our little family...We had matching T-Shirts for our reunion, we had such a wonderful week, the kids loved playing with all of their cousins and made great memories!
My favorite little boy giving me big squeeze!!!
I had a great visit with Nanny(my mom's mom) at our family reunion in Vancouver. It was so wonderful to see all of my cousins and family members I haven't seen in years and some I had never met.
Kristen, Jessie and cousin Erin on our Boat cruise in Vancouver for our Simpson Family reunion.

Papa Dick came to Kristen's playschool graduation, he surprised her and showed up, she was so excited!!

Jake got a wetsuit for his birthday from Lynda and Jeff, and calls it his "Jeff suit". Then he started saying he was "keying" and holding his arms out like he was holding the rope...So sweet...he is all head in this picture!!!

Lynda said it would be 28 degrees at Jack fish lake and was then fired as the weather forecaster, as you can see from the picture it was FREEZING !!!

The big three seater tube Aunty Lynda bought for her and the kids as Mom is boring does not do TUBES!!!
Jake trying out his new big boy bed that Aunty Julie brought for him!
Kristen and Jake in a maze at the childrens festival in Red Deer!

Jake chowing down on corn on the cob at a BBQ Jeff and Lynda's house
Jake trying out twinkles kennel at Aunty Dah's house

Aunty Lynda has exclusive hair cutting rights for her favorite 2 year old boy!!!! This was Jakes third haircut by Dah!!!
So Cute!!! Kristen and Jake cuddled up and reading a story

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ok so the Martha Stewart in me came out and I made a craft!! It is a Family Home Evening Chart to help us remember to have our family nights. Everyone picked their own name plate and wrote their names on them. Then the assignments are above on the pegs...woohoo look at me being all crafty!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Jess and Kristen are on the left, see the next post for an explanation!
The girls went to their friends Hailey and Makenna's birthday at Rubi-Star Glam club in Edmonton. They dress them all up and put on music, special effects and a disco ball and let them dance. They had so much fun, what a hoot to watch...
Here is my sweet Kristen...complete with food on her face!! Kristen is the joker, she loves to make us laugh!

I realized that this is the onlyphoto I have of Jake from Jessie's baptism because while we were taking photos he was running in the halls and in the gym, so I took a pic of him up to no good in the kitchen at surprise there!!
One of my Best friends Brandee and her family came to visit for Jess's Baptism...she is going to kill me for posting this picture...heehee
I can't believe my baby girl turned 8, man I'm getting old! This is Jessie in her new outfit from Grandma Sheila for her birthday.